About Us

Hafa Adai (Hello) - Sally, Founder of Beyond The Curls LLC, here!

Coming from a Black and Chamorro background, a lot of the people in my family have suffered from hair loss or just damaged hair altogether. I personally struggled with damaged hair for years due to relaxers and my hair would not grow past a certain point! 😩 So I became a product junkie spending hundreds on different products trying to have healthy hair again. Unfortunately, I was extremely unsuccessful. I tried all the products that claimed to help with hair and realized many of those were just myths. When I did my own research, I saw results like never before. I wanted to find natural hair care products that would help my family's dilemma. Low and behold, I found very rare gems and had to spread the word.

Beyond The Curls is a 100% chemical free, natural, vegan hair care line allowing hair to become healthier and beyond. 

If you struggle with alopecia, dandruff, itchiness, other scalp conditions, hair growth, receding hairline, and/or more we have products to help aid in getting a healthy head of hair or beard. Start your hair journey TODAY!🥳

As a small business, we appreciate your business and thank you for taking the time to check us out. We hope you enjoy these amazing products.

As always, stay humbled and stay you. 🤗

Warm Regards,

Sally 💜