Natural Hair Routine for Kids

Multiracial child with super curly hair smiling in a very pink floral shit in-front of a door.

We get asked on almost a daily basis by Moms, if our hair products will work for their children's hair. The answer is an astounding "Yes." Sally, the founder of Beyond The Curls, created the products for daughter when she became frustrated with the options to care for her own daughters hair and continued care for her own. She recognizes as a black mother caring for your daughter’s hair can be a source of great anxiety for so many reasons.

This anxiety often stems from the perception and memories we had growing up about our own hair. Also time to care for natural hair may be a factor, with having to work etc. 

Depending on the experience you had as a little girl nestled between your mother’s, grandmother’s, aunty’s or cousin’s legs, that will most likely determine the attitudes and beliefs you have about your own hair today.

Mom do not take this position lightly! It is one of power and authority and is one your daughter will carry with her the rest of her life. 

Use this time to speak life over your daughters, teach them self love, teach them skills to care for their hair and to be strong confident women. Our power and confidence are often tied to our hair because of what we were taught while our mothers 

The lessons and memories they gain here tucked between your legs will determine their own attitudes, beliefs and perceptions towards their daughters and their hair!

So, it is our obligation to make sure that they are positive and affirming. The clinch of your knees around her waist commands her attention. Use it as a means to express joy and love and not fear and disapproval.

I learned very early on my journey as a mom how powerful this position was.

Over the years I have used it to have some of the most beautiful and meaningful conversations with my daughters.

It has been my classroom in so many ways!

I encourage you to do the same with your babies, they will in turn do this for their babies.

Wanna do something for the culture? Do this!

Not sure where to start? Our Moisture Bundle is perfect for your girls and for all kids!

Follow our IG page and become part of our Beyond Babes community. I am a mom first, and started making hair products so my babies could learn to love their natural hair.

***Kid Approved Hair Care Regimen:

We recommend parents to wash hair weekly for the first 2 months to give hair the opportunity to acclimate to the products aabd provide the moisture it needs to grow and thrive; 

Do this before you shampoo your kids hair: Apply an overnight deep conditioner to hair section, by section being sure to coat every strand. Then apply a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer or steamer for 35-45 minutes. This will help to rid hair of any dryness and brittleness and allow the products to penetrate the hair follicle.  

Apply our Hair Regrowth Serum to your fingertips and massage it into the scalp for 5 minutes or so daily. This will stimulate the scalp and hair follicles below the surface. Continue to keep hair in protective styles preferably twists to reduce any tension on hair from braids, ponytails or updo’s. Use our Magic Moisture Hair Butter to install two strand twists which is another style that may make it easier to apply our oils and butters daily. 

Use a leave-in or our Hair Regrowth Serum and/or Magic Moisture Hair Butter daily to hydrate and add shine to your childs hair. 

To hydrate from the inside out we recommend increasing their daily water intake and to add more biotin to their diet to help promote hair growth. Be sure to take “Before” pictures as you will begin to see results with their hair almost immediately. 

We can’t wait to see your childs progress! You can send in picture or video testimonials to or tag us via FaceBook, Instagram or Tiktok @beyondthecurlsco .

As always, stay humble and stay you,

Sally 💜

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