Deep Condition & Chill....on the Heat Styling!! 🙌🏾

Whether you are nurturing your natural curls to keep them in tip top condition or trying to bring back the bounce by transitioning your hair back to its natural texture, there are 2 main practices you should commit to habit for best results:


Deep Conditioning and NO Heat Styling!


🌸WHAT: Deep Conditioning for Curly Hair


🌸WHY: Deep condiditoning your natural curly hair is critical and crucial to adding in the moisture that curly hair craves. Everyday wear and tear on your hair depletes the moisture and hydration curls and waves need to be healthy and shiny. Because textured hair tends to be naturally dry, brittle and prone to breakage, deep conditioning your curly hair helps to keep it more managable which minimizes damage caused by brushing and detangling. Deep conditioning curly hair is also beneficial as quality deep conditioners (Psst!! Peach & Honey Deep Conditioner is our fav!) will boasts incredible ingredients that when used as a deep treatment can restore and replenish nutrients needed for healthy tresses. 


 🌸HOW: Peach & Honey Deep Conditioner is the answer to your deep conditioning needs! When used as a deep treatment, it perfectly pairs with heat or steam to properly penetrate the hair shaft.  With the hair cuticle open with the power of  warm heat, the incredible benefits of the rich, natural ingredients like Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil all of which possess valuable components to create strong, healthful, vibrant curls. Deep conditioning curly hair should be part of your curl care routine and should be done 2-4 times per month. It is reccomended to deep condition curly hair that is severely damaged at least once a week. 



🌸WHAT: NO Heat Styling!!!


🌸WHY: One of the worst things you can do to your delicate strands is to apply direct heat when styling.  Undiffused heat from a blow dryer or the searing of hair by a flat iron can create in some cases, irreparable damage to your curls. The idea of heat styling is that you are literally heating your hair to coax it into an unnatural state.  It naturally wants to curl, but the high heat "cooks" your hair straight creating the look you desire temporarily but causing permanent damage that can take months, even years, to undo. Deep conditioning on a regular basis can also improve hair growth as it fortifies your strands allowing them to grow long and strong!


🌸HOW: Ditching the blow dryer and flat iron can be easier said than done, especially if you are transitioning back to your natural texture. The biggest challenge for damaged curls trying to get their bounce back or those who have been rockin' their straight hair as "actual curlies" is how to create heatless curls or texture.  No worries...we have options!

Used for centuries by all those who have textured hair to create uniformed texture and heatless curls... I present to you the Braid Out, the Twist Out and the Roller Set!

 ( Stay tuned for the next Beyond Babe Blog Post!) These options will give you heatless curls and waves without adding the heat damage that thrashes and reaks havoc on our hair! Coupled with our Curl Defining Cream, you will lock in the texture with a  soft, crunchless hold perfect for multi-day heatless curls!

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