8 Ways to Refresh Curly Hair!

There’s nothing worse than watching your perfectly defined curls go down the drain after you wake up in the morning. If there were a magic wand that kept them frizz-free every day, we’d all invest in it. In the meantime, there are several options that can refresh curly hair and bring it back to day one standards. Here are eight products, tools and techniques that will do the job.

1. Water:

Sometimes just a spritz of water is all you need, especially if you’ve already added plenty of stylers on day one. For instance, many gels will be reactivated with just water and a little scrunching.

2. Leave-In Conditioner:

Whether you purchase our Leave-In Conditioner or make your own, the combination of conditioner and water can soften and refresh dry and frizzy curls.

3. Hair Steamer:

A hair steamer is a curly girl favorite not just for refreshing but also for adding moisture and volume, intensifying deep conditioners, and stretching the hair. By placing the steamer near the stretched area, you’ll get a warm vapor that moisturizes and helps curls spring back to life. It can be used on its own or with our Leave-In Conditioner.

4. Finger Coiling:

Transitioning curls can have an even harder time looking springy, so doing finger coils can help. Apply your favorite styler to day-old curls and twirl each strand around a finger until it appears twisted. Then scrunch your curls and let them air dry.

5. Hair Gel:

Hair gel can provide major hold for old curls that need style longevity. Spritz area with water or a leave-in conditioner first, then apply a small amount of our ACG Styling Gel to each curl. Scrunch curls well and let air dry, or use a diffuser on the cool setting for faster results.

6. Styling Cream:

If a softer hold is more your style, refresh using a styling cream. Similar to using a hair gel, apply our Curl Defining Cream to each individual curl that needs to be smoothed and scrunch.

7. Pin Curls:

Looser waves and textures can benefit from an old hairstyling trick called pin curls. Take small strands of curls and spritz water then apply a strong hold gel. Then wrap the curl around your finger. If the curls are larger, use two fingers. Slide the curl off the finger and pin to the scalp using or a duckbill clip or bobby pins in an X formation. Repeat the process on any frizzy or stretched curls. Use a diffuser on low heat to dry quickly. Once pinned curls are cool, release pins or clips.

8. Perm Rods, Flexi-Rods or a Curling Wand:

If you’re trying to refresh an old perm or flexi-rod set, make the best use of your time by resetting stretched areas. If you choose not to use heat, prepare to reset your perm rods overnight or early in the morning to give them time to dry. To reset, use a setting styler like our Curl Defining Cream or ACG Styling Gel, then roll the stretched curl back into the perm rod. Apply low heat to the wrapped area for the quickest results. Once the area is dry and cooled, remove the rod to reveal a tight curl.


What are some of your favorite ways to refresh your curly hair? Share with the Beyond Babes down below in the comments.


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